Listing on crypto exchanges

Star Legal can help to develop project further and get listed on crypto exchanges such as Kucoin, Huobit,, and OKX exchange. We will lead your projects toward successful listing by helping build a team, expand the community, and meet the exchange’s requirements.

Building a team

A strong team is essential for growing your crypto community and taking care of all related processes. Developing the product, sharing updates, addressing issues, and showcasing new features all require expertise. We will help you strengthen your project with experts in the area by finding the most suitable candidates for your needs.

Expand project community

Post-listing marketing is crucial in the journey of any successful project. We will take care of communicating with the exchange and building strong relations with partners and other stakeholders, essential for building a strong community around your crypto project. Our experts will help you get promoted on the most efficient channels for your goal, including the leading media outlets.

Meet the requirements of the exchange

Our experience in the crypto market helped us get to know every little detail of listing on exchanges, so we will help you become and stay fully compliant with the exchange requirements. This includes risk management, sharing regular updates, and staying on top of the AML processes.

We are ready to collaborate in bringing comprehensive legal solutions to you and your clients.