Crypto license in Czechia

As a new solution for the crypto business, we offer the possibility of obtaining a crypto license in Czechia. Licensing in Czechia now offers a favourable regulatory environment for starting or expanding your crypto business in the European Union.



  • Exchange of cryptocurrency against a fiat currency (crypto Vs. fiat exchange)
  • Exchange of fiat currency against a cryptocurrency (fiat Vs. crypto exchange)
  • Exchange of cryptocurrency against a cryptocurrency (crypto Vs. crypto exchange)
  • Provision of a crypto wallet service (custodian crypto wallet service)
  • Client cryptocurrency storage services (crypto storage service)
  • Make cryptocurrency transfers (crypto transfer service)
  • Full-featured cryptocurrency exchange



  • Expansion to the European markets
  • No share capital is needed
  • Prompt process – from 3 to 4 weeks
  • Simple structure – founder can act as a general manager
  • No requirements to have a local manager
  • No requirements to have a local MLRO
  • Remote process
  • No requirement for a physical office



  • Established AML and CFT policy
  • Implementation of necessary AML and CFT solutions
  • An appointed employee responsible for AML and CFT processes
  • Documents proving no criminal records of management bodies

Stages of the process

Star Legal offers the complete package of services needed to successfully operate a cryptocurrency business in Czechia. We will offer the necessary banking and AML solutions integration essential for your crypto business, recruit qualified employees, implement accounting solutions. The stages of the setting company with authorization for crypto business are the following:


  1. Initial stage
  • Reservation of a company name
  • Preparation of the buyer’s documents for company registration


  1. Company registration
  • Preparation and registration of incorporation documents
  • Registration of a company name
  • Company registration in the Company Register


  1. Authorization for crypto business
  • Preparation and registration of documents for crypto authorization
  • Preparation of corporate documents


  1. Notification to the regulatory authority
  • Written notification of FAU regarding the appointment of a contact person and MLRO


  1. Implementation of banking and AML solutions
  • Corporate bank account opening (additional fee)
  • Implementation of AML solutions (additional fee)


  1. Recruitment
  • Recruitment of AML/MLRO (additional fee)


Timing for full registration

  • Registration of a new company with authorization for crypto business – from 3 to 4 weeks.
  • Bank account opening – from 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Recruitment – from 2 to 6 weeks.

We are ready to collaborate in bringing comprehensive legal solutions to you and your clients.