Banking & Payments

Star Legal offers reliable banking solutions through various partners which can offer their services to clients with different needs and risk profiles.

We can help to streamline your  financial operations by implementing reliable banking solutions for the B2B and B2C/C2B transactions.


Corporate bank accounts include essential financial tools for international transactions:

  • Dedicated IBAN accounts are set for smooth business transactions.
  • SEPA payments enable transaction processing in the Single Euro Payment Area in one day.
  • SWIFT payments allow for processing transactions worldwide in multiple currencies.

Price: pricing of the services depends on your business specifics. Please get in touch with us and receive an offer.


If the company plans to receive client funds, one solution is to open a client funds account with one of our partners. Under current legislation, you must keep client money in a client account, separate from your company money. Ownership of these funds is clearly identified and does not mingle with the company funds. You might need a client funds account if your company is a trustee, holding funds on behalf of your clients, i.e., a payment institution or an EMI. The aim of such accounts is to safeguard the clients’ funds.


It is essential for cryptocurrency and fintech businesses to implement reliable payment gateway solutions, allowing them to acquire funds from various sources, including credit and debit cards, SWIFT, and SEPA.

Our banking solutions partners provide the infrastructure needed to integrate with all major payment gateways quickly. This will ensure that your payment collection and other financial operations are compliant and ready to scale.

We are ready to collaborate in bringing comprehensive legal solutions to you and your clients.